Trip to VSG

Maggie went to VSG today for a check up. She was reasonably subdued on the way there and back. She actually went to sleep in the consulting room while the vet was going to fetch something for us.

Sleepy wee baby… who falls asleep at the vet?!

The vet weighed her and she was 2.64kg. She always reads a little less at VSG, but that still isn’t the best regardless. Maggie’s temperature was good.

We fed her this morning, so the vet wasn’t keen to sedate her. She took Mags away to try and get some blood to check if she was still a good candidate for the chemo, but Maggie got too ‘wiggly’ so we have to go back tomorrow after she’s fasted overnight.

The vet was extremely surprised at how well she’s doing. None of us are under any illusion that she’s fine and going to rebound from this – she won’t – but she’s ‘a trooper’ nonetheless.

We brought up about the lesions on the side of Maggie’s face, and the vet said she thought that they would have caused her a little pain before they erupted, but now that they have, she doesn’t think they’re causing her any pain at all. Tomorrow, she will clean them and have a look while Maggie is sedated for her chemo.

We haven’t given Maggie her anti-nausea pills for a while as we haven’t been able to get them. The vet gave us a prescription so we could get them from a human pharmacy if we needed to, but luckily, our vet called to say that they had received the ones sent from VSG, so Dad will pick them up after work today.

I’ve been away in Warkworth, around 76km from where I live, at a wedding over the weekend. I was concerned that, while I was gone, Maggie might fret. She wasn’t too bad in that respect, but she’s apparently been really good in others. She has developed a fascination with the toilet. She loves to go in there and yell because the acoustics in there amplify her voice. If anyone goes to the toilet, she will follow us in there and give us loves around our legs while we’re doing our business. She also loves the toilet being flushed. Nothing’s sacred in our household.


She managed to wake Mum and Dad up at 5am on Saturday yelling in the toilet. They decided to stay up after that to watch the America’s Cup.

She’s also been going in my room and yelling, trying to look for me. She’s been very affectionate, and even made a trip outside on her own and got her feet all mucky in the mud.

“I’m here! Give me cuddles plz!”

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I gave her big cuddles in bed (not complaining – I was KNACKERED). She loved that and actually got way closer to me than she has done in recent times, and cuddled right up. However… she did wake me up periodically through the night last night. Last night she wasn’t panicked – it was more like she was wanting attention (see below video and imagine that, but every 5 minutes during the night). She went down the end of my bed at one stage and started to yell. It reminded me of one of our old cats Sara Renee. She ended up quite senile, and she was deaf, so she used to go into the hall at 4am and yell, not knowing where anyone was. In talking to the vet today, we wondered whether Maggie was losing her hearing, and the vet said that was quite likely.

Our old cat, Sara Renee, when she was a kitten.

This morning, she was still cuddled up with me. She seems a lot happier and more comfortable now, which is good. I’ll update after her appointment at VSG tomorrow.

Cuddly girl with a dirty wee eye in the morning.

I mentioned before that D’arcy was under the weather. Apparently, he came in from outside on the weekend with his back feet folded under him. Mum and Dad were scared something had happened to his legs or spine, so they took him to the vet. It turned out that he was severely constipated. A bit of stool softener and a vet’s finger up his bum, and he’s a-OK now.

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Got through the weekend

We’ve had a mixed weekend. We still have to check in with the vet, and I think Mum’s going to do that later today.

Maggie still sleeps with me most of the night. I think she gets up periodically to have a big drink, but I always wake up with her on my bed.

She didn’t have a bad sleep last night. She slept for about an hour under the covers with me with her little head out. She got really comfy and stretched her arm out and turned her head upside down for a short time. She was very quiet; no snuffling or snorting.

We had another cuddle this morning before breakfast. In all honesty, she was terrible to try and feed this morning. She really resisted and we had to re-wrap her twice. She just spat and sprayed the food all over the place.

I went home with Dad to feed her her lunch just before. When we got in, Dad looked behind the TV and she wasn’t there, so he said she was probably in my room. He was right. As soon as I got to my bedroom door, Maggie got up and got off the bed. I thought she was going to gap it initially because she’s gotten to knowing what is coming next, but she didn’t. She came to the door and waited. I gave her a pat and her tail stood up and she looked at me lovingly. She tried to clean her nose with her paw (all by herself!) then turned around and jumped back on the bed and started chattering away to me. I got on the bed and lifted the blanket and she went underneath. She had a quiet rest for around 15 minutes until Dad was ready with her food.

Again, she was even more terrible to feed. We had to re-wrap her twice, and she growled the whole time. We did manage to get a bit of food into her though. I’m actually really surprised at how much energy and strength she has, considering she’s a very sick cat that weighs just over a third of what she should weigh (last weigh in weighed her at 2.92kg; a 30g loss). None of us believed it when the nurse at VSG said this to us, but I can safely say that she has earned the title of ‘ferocious’.

After feeding, I put her back on my bed under the covers, and she settled down. She was comfy, though miffed.

Her face has closed up nicely. It’s not weeping or bleeding, and doesn’t seem to be causing her as much pain as it was a couple of days ago. I do still think it’d be beneficial for her to have some kind of topical pain relief for that area and her nose, but I’m not a vet so it may be that the risks aren’t worth it, or there may not be any topical pain relief that’s suitable for wounds. I don’t know.

Not looking as terrible as it did.

I have found a few little lumps around her neck and face that are just over the size of a pea each. They don’t seem to be causing her any discomfort, but we know it’s not a good sign.

Oh. And Maggie did big poos in the dirtbox. She hasn’t done that in a while, so we were pretty excited.

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Hunger strike again

Maggie’s stopped eating on her own entirely again. She still drinks plenty of water on her own, but we’re syringe feeding her. She’s dropped down to 2.95kg despite this, so we’ve increased the frequency from twice daily to four times a day. She gets a little sulky after her feeds, but it doesn’t last very long.


The other night, she swallowed the tube off the end of the syringe. We’re a bit concerned about it, but we’ve taken her to the vet and the vet said that if she tries to pass it and if it’s going to be a problem, Maggie will let us know. So far, we haven’t had any issues but we’ve been super careful feeding her now.

She also gets quite cold, so we’ve been having all the heaters in the house on for her – one in the lounge, and one in my bedroom. I’ve started wearing my onesie when I take her for feeding too.

All cuddly in the warm.

She was having sneezing fits for a while, but that seems to have stopped so I think the tumour has further progressed.

I tried bringing her teepee up into my room and sticking my heater behind it. I encouraged her to go in there and she did go in and sit down, but she looked at me like I’d insulted her ancestors then promptly got out and jumped back on my bed and demanded to go under the covers.

She likes having me there with her, even if she’s not under the covers with me, especially with my body heat. I think it gives her a bit of security. Last night she must have been dreaming, or was asleep and forgot where she was and woke up with a wall in her face and got an almighty fright. Luckily I was there to give her pats and calm her down, and she purred.

Her scar got a bit raw a few days ago, so we had to get her some antiseptic ointment. The ointment was red and almost bloody and wasn’t a great look for her. It seems to have calmed the scar down now though, although she’s lost a wee bit of fluff just on the right side of the scar between the scar and the bridge of her nose.


One positive though, is that on Saturday she did go outside in the sun. She hasn’t done this in at least a month. Dad let her stay out for a little bit, then brought her inside and opened the doors to the front deck so she could go out.


Poor D’arcy still gets a little down. I’ve made sure I give him plenty of cuddles and loves. He spends most of his time on my bed until I go to bed, and then I think he goes in with Mum.

Poor little boy…

We don’t actually see Rosie all that much, although she’s been sleeping on Mum’s bed or on a chair in Mum’s room a bit more lately. She sleeps with Mum at night. The other night Maggie got quite upset during her feeding time and was yowling, and poor Rosie was so concerned she came out to see that Maggie was alright.

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Feeding well

Mum and Dad have figured out a less stressful way to feed Mags. They wrap her in a towel and put her on the kitchen bench while Dad scruffs her and syringes food into her slowly from a 10mL syringe. He’s put a bit of soft tubing at the end of it so he can get further back in her mouth, and so it’s softer for her. She’s had around 100g of food today, and had gained 10g as of her vet appointment this morning. I’m glad it’s less stressful for her, because until yesterday, feeding her was absolutely traumatic for everyone involved.

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Little Miss Piggy

Maggie had her Tuesday vet appointment today. Her weight has plateaued at 3.75kg, so I will have to increase her feeds.

Maggie had a pretty good feed tonight though. She got through around two thirds of a small tin of catfood. She’s enjoying the ones that are either minced up, or pureed as it makes it easier for her to scoop up with her tongue. She’s gone off the ones with a lot of gravy, all except one tuna white meat one.

I gave her another good brush this evening after work. She doesn’t seem to enjoy being brushed as much as she used to, even with her favourite brushes, so I’m wondering whether her skin is causing her some kind of discomfort. She doesn’t appear to be in pain, but she’s got this air of, “oh, just hurry up and get it over with.”

She’s also developed a bit of diarrhea. I’m pretty sure that’s a side effect of the Palladia, but we might have to keep an eye on it. I’m going to bring it up with the vet on Thursday; she might need stool hardeners in order to manage it and keep it under control.

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Frothy baby…

Maggie frothed like mad having her pills today, poor thing. She always puts up a massive fight.

She was 3.75kg today.


I’ve been giving her a brush after she’s been to the vet. She loves being brushed, and I thought it would make her feel better after getting so stressed out (though not every time because I don’t want to condition her to hating brushies), but I can never seem to get all the fur out. I’m going to get her a shedding brush and hopefully this will help.

This is the brush I want to get.
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VSG Appointment

Maggie had another appointment at VSG today. She cried literally the entire way in the cage.

We got there about half an hour early. We usually leave super early because it could take us half an hour to get over to Mt Albert, but it could also take us two hours, depending on the traffic. We went through the Mt Albert McDonald’s drive-thru to grab some breakfast before heading to VSG. This is about the fourth or fifth time we’ve done that with Maggie in the car, and she is always interested in all the different food-smells.

“What’s this??”

We had a bit of a wait in the waiting area, despite being there right on time. That was fine, as we got to meet a few of the other patients while we waited.

Maggie was 3.64kg, which was a little less than what she weighed on Tuesday. VSG’s scales seem to weigh her less, and she also hadn’t had a chance to have anything to eat before going this morning. The oncologist was happy with her weight regardless.

I brought up with the oncologist that I’d found a lump in her throat, around double the size of a pea. It just sits there and moves around under the skin when you feel it. She had a feel and could feel it too. She said that it’s possibly just a lymph node that’s still inflamed after her surgery, but that we should definitely keep an eye on it in case it isn’t. I’m happy she’s aware of it in any case.

Maggie obviously fought the vets today while being given her medication. They’ve added Metacam onto the list because we said that Maggie had been out of sorts each time she has her Palladia, now that she’s up to 3 a week. Since her blood work was excellent again, we’re going to need to manage the side effect of her going off her food a bit. She frothed at the mouth again today. This is pretty normal when she gets stressed out taking her meds.

She had a little bandage on her back leg from where they took her blood again. I took it off this evening because she always gets a bit irritated having them on. It was green with little black paw prints on it ^_^

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