Weird day

My parents took Maggie to the vet last night about her face. I wasn’t there, and the information my parents have fed me is vague and incomplete, but it sounds like the vet thinks the wound on her face is actually the cancer breaking through and spreading to her skin. It seems to have calmed down but she’s lost a bit of fur there and if she scratches it again it’ll open. Dad seemed to think the vet thought something would happen over the weekend because he made sure to remind us that VSG is open over the weekend. He also wants us to call him on Monday to let him know how Maggie is.

We’ve had a weird day today. Maggie has decided that she occasionally wants to sleep next to me with her bum on my shoulder… Well, OK then.

Why you do dis???

She’s also been outside today. It’s probably been around 9 degrees Celsius today. She went out on the back deck, and I was like, “oooooh no you don’t…” and went inside and got my onesie. She cuddled up inside it on the deck for a short time, but then she got out, walked over to where I was sitting, looked at me, then walked back to the onesie. She was telling me to bring the onesie closer to me. I did what she asked and she happily curled up inside it with her face out. She stayed there like that for about half an hour. I noticed she started shivering (surprise, surprise) so I brought her inside into my room where the heater had been on. She didn’t enjoy that one bit.

She’s also been sleeping in weird places like next to her water bowl, in the hall, and behind the TV. She hasn’t really been hiding, but she’s been almost seeking out places that are cool and have a wall for her to press he face against. She’s not been that interested in staying on my bed… Probably because I get my room nice and warm for her. The vet has said her temperature is fine, but I’m sure something isn’t right with it. She’s currently being restless. It’s 11:15PM now, I’ve not long gone to bed, and she’s already been up and down twice. I’m not sure what that’s about. She’s had one day where she was agitated like this but by the evening she was OK.

I’ll update if there are any changes.

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Being difficult at the vet again…

Little Madam was a right madam this morning at the vet. It took several attempts to get her pill into her. She even got a towel to cuddle up in. She’d lost 10g but that’s probably due to her not having any breakfast.

She had a little bit to eat once she got home, but unfortunately was sick again while Mum and I were out shopping.

It didn’t last 😦

She seems happy enough, but we’re starting to watch her more closely since she’s been vomiting a bit more than she used to, and has started hiding again.

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Where’s Maggie…?

I was sitting in the lounge eating pizza for lunch. Maggie has gotten to loving to sleep behind the TV, which is where she was earlier. I saw her come out for a big drink, but realised I hadn’t seen her in a while. I went looking for her; I looked behind the TV, behind the couches, in all the cat houses, in the dining room by the window, in the kitchen, by the dirtbox, under the ironing board… all of her usual haunts… I couldn’t find her. I decided I’d go back to my room to play the Sims, and what do I find?? This smug little shit.


She’s now curled up next to me as I’m in bed on my laptop.


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A trip outside

Sniffing the flowers

Doing the ‘business’ in the *BIG* dirtbox

Back to her old shenanigans…


Big brother wanting to know what’s up

wp-image-1788314861jpg.jpgCoaxed out FINALLY

Promised her a play once we got inside… did not disappoint

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Maggie had her surgery on Wednesday. She’s lost her eye, and has a feeding tube and fluids for the time being. The nurse said Maggie had given her loves after she came to, which is a positive sign. She had a wee purr for us too. She looks a bit like Twoface right now, but we’re happy she’s pulled through. She’s still not out of the woods yet, but she’s alive

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