Not too bad

I went home with Mum this afternoon to feed Maggie her lunch.

When we got home, she was behind the TV in the window, which has become reasonably normal for her. She wasn’t distressed, and it looked like she’d just had a drink because the fur around her mouth was wet (too much and the liquid was too thin to be drool).

We fed her and she didn’t take it well. She ate probably 1.5 syringes of food before becoming too stressed. I washed her face, eye and nose this time, and I washed them well. I brushed her face and forehead with the shedding brush, which she loves, and then set her down on Dad’s seat. She looked so content. Perhaps she only frets at night.

I had a look at Maggie’s bum (hard not to when she practically thrusts it in my face), and her anus is a bit protrusile, so I’m wondering whether her bowel is totally full and she hasn’t got the energy to defecate. She might need a stool softener. It’s not inflamed, red or prolapsed, just a bit sticky-outy. She doesn’t poo very often now, but she eats every day (albeit not on her own). That’s another thing I will bring up with the vet next week.

Poor D’arcy is a bit under the weather. He’s been vomiting a bit and had accidentally left some poos on the carpet. I caught him trying to either poo on the carpet, or drop a poo on the carpet that was stuck to his bum. Hopefully he recovers from that soon or we’ll have to take him to the vet too.

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Got through the weekend

We’ve had a mixed weekend. We still have to check in with the vet, and I think Mum’s going to do that later today.

Maggie still sleeps with me most of the night. I think she gets up periodically to have a big drink, but I always wake up with her on my bed.

She didn’t have a bad sleep last night. She slept for about an hour under the covers with me with her little head out. She got really comfy and stretched her arm out and turned her head upside down for a short time. She was very quiet; no snuffling or snorting.

We had another cuddle this morning before breakfast. In all honesty, she was terrible to try and feed this morning. She really resisted and we had to re-wrap her twice. She just spat and sprayed the food all over the place.

I went home with Dad to feed her her lunch just before. When we got in, Dad looked behind the TV and she wasn’t there, so he said she was probably in my room. He was right. As soon as I got to my bedroom door, Maggie got up and got off the bed. I thought she was going to gap it initially because she’s gotten to knowing what is coming next, but she didn’t. She came to the door and waited. I gave her a pat and her tail stood up and she looked at me lovingly. She tried to clean her nose with her paw (all by herself!) then turned around and jumped back on the bed and started chattering away to me. I got on the bed and lifted the blanket and she went underneath. She had a quiet rest for around 15 minutes until Dad was ready with her food.

Again, she was even more terrible to feed. We had to re-wrap her twice, and she growled the whole time. We did manage to get a bit of food into her though. I’m actually really surprised at how much energy and strength she has, considering she’s a very sick cat that weighs just over a third of what she should weigh (last weigh in weighed her at 2.92kg; a 30g loss). None of us believed it when the nurse at VSG said this to us, but I can safely say that she has earned the title of ‘ferocious’.

After feeding, I put her back on my bed under the covers, and she settled down. She was comfy, though miffed.

Her face has closed up nicely. It’s not weeping or bleeding, and doesn’t seem to be causing her as much pain as it was a couple of days ago. I do still think it’d be beneficial for her to have some kind of topical pain relief for that area and her nose, but I’m not a vet so it may be that the risks aren’t worth it, or there may not be any topical pain relief that’s suitable for wounds. I don’t know.

Not looking as terrible as it did.

I have found a few little lumps around her neck and face that are just over the size of a pea each. They don’t seem to be causing her any discomfort, but we know it’s not a good sign.

Oh. And Maggie did big poos in the dirtbox. She hasn’t done that in a while, so we were pretty excited.

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Maggie’s still eating moderately well, yelling at us to get the hell off her seats, and being cuddly. She’s started snorting a tiny bit again though.

All of the cats have been super smoochy over the last couple of weeks. Maggie has started cuddling up with Mum on the couch in the evenings, which is something she used to do when she was well. She still boots Dad off the chair and has him sitting on the floor, but Mum’s become the flavour of the week. Maggie’s even been sleeping under the covers with Mum lately.

“Cuddling up with Mummy…”

Earlier yesterday, Rosie discovered Maggie’s spot in the sun behind the TV. Poor Mags was banished to in front of the TV in the cold to sulk. She did finally get her way in the end, once Rosie deemed the spot too hot.

I wanted to tidy my bedroom yesterday, because it looked like a bomb had gone off. It got messy while I was studying for exams at the end of last year, and became too overwhelming to deal with. I usually take all of my crap and sort it out on my bed. Maggie and D’arcy didn’t agree with this. I ended up lying down between them because I had nothing else to do. I made sure the heater was on, but the windows were open so that Maggie stayed warm but also had fresh air. I don’t know if this has any substance, but I feel like she might be able to breathe better with fresh air.

At some point this week in between graduation, Maori graduation, a black tie event, photoshoots, and about six stand-up comedy shows, we have to take Maggie back to VSG for her chemo… hmmmmm…

Yeah… we’re not owned by our cats… right?

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Mostly good

We’ve had a mostly good week with Maggie this week. There was a day where she seemed a bit down, but Dad gave her her anti-nausea pill that evening and she seemed to perk up a bit.

She’s been getting super comfy lately, which is good.

She also made a trip outside. She had a bath, then went around the front. She hasn’t done that since she took a downward turn, and she’s also started cleaning her sides and stomach, which she hasn’t done in a while. She used to just clean her front paws. She wanted to go under the car though, so I had to bring her back around the back of the house since Dad panics when she does that.

She’s still eating pretty well. We have been giving her a mixture of soaked dry food, steak and kidney Jimbo’s (raw meat), tinned food, and the high calorie AD food from the vet. She usually just polishes off the Jimbo’s on each plate… little shit.

We haven’t had to take her to the vet in a while, but Dad’s thinking we should take her soon mainly just to get her weighed.

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Little Miss Piggy

Maggie had her Tuesday vet appointment today. Her weight has plateaued at 3.75kg, so I will have to increase her feeds.

Maggie had a pretty good feed tonight though. She got through around two thirds of a small tin of catfood. She’s enjoying the ones that are either minced up, or pureed as it makes it easier for her to scoop up with her tongue. She’s gone off the ones with a lot of gravy, all except one tuna white meat one.

I gave her another good brush this evening after work. She doesn’t seem to enjoy being brushed as much as she used to, even with her favourite brushes, so I’m wondering whether her skin is causing her some kind of discomfort. She doesn’t appear to be in pain, but she’s got this air of, “oh, just hurry up and get it over with.”

She’s also developed a bit of diarrhea. I’m pretty sure that’s a side effect of the Palladia, but we might have to keep an eye on it. I’m going to bring it up with the vet on Thursday; she might need stool hardeners in order to manage it and keep it under control.

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New swanky brush!

I bought Maggie a shedding brush and gave her and the other cats a big brush. The amount of fur I got out was insane! It was almost as big as her! She loved nuzzling into it, especially the bits of fur that came from D’arcy’s tail. Hopefully that will help reduce the number of furballs the cats have. Maggie will probably have lost weight after all that brushing 😛

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