Sibling (un-)rivalry

None of us can believe just how well Rosie and D’arcy have gotten on after Maggie passed away. Rosie, in particular, loves cuddling up to her brother. I think D’arcy just tolerates it, but it doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. It’s the middle of winter here now and Auckland was 1.3 degrees Celsius (34.3 degrees Fahrenheit) yesterday morning at around 7:30AM, so the fact they will cuddle up is a really good thing. We usually keep the house really warm for them, even during the day, and they have their blankies and windows where they can sit in the sun, but a little more warmth can’t hurt.

All the cuddles, all the time

D’arcy is coping OK now. He still gravitates to places and things Maggie liked. I’m not sure whether that’s to do with him being close to her, or because she was top of the pecking order and now that she’s not here, he’s allowed to use them. His favourite places at the moment are Maggie’s snotty teepee, and the place at the head of my bed where Maggie wet herself when I accidentally shut her in my room for a few hours. I have cleaned it, and it no longer smells to me (unless I put my nose right up to it and have a good sniff, but I’m not gonna do that), but it must smell to him. I finally got around to cleaning the snot marks off my wall by my bed… but the actual wall itself was dirty so I ended up having to clean and disinfect the WHOLE wall so you couldn’t see where I’d cleaned.

“In my sister’s snotty teepee”

Rosie has come out of her shell a lot more too. Maggie and Rose never got along. It’s sad to say it, but it’s like she’s more comfy because she’s moved up a tier in the hierarchy. She’s become pretty demanding of me; if I don’t pay attention to her quick enough, she will promptly sit on my chest and settle down with her bum to me.

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“I need this”

D’arcy has inherited Maggie’s teepee. I think she’d be happy he was getting use out of it.

“It’s mine now…”
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The happenings

A man from the cremation place personally delivered Maggie to us on Saturday. I’m happy she’s home now in the warm. She’s in a lovely wooden casket with her name, the breeder, and her mother’s name on the plaque.

We received a nice card in the mail from Bucklands Beach vet. Tomorrow, Mum is going to take them a bag of goodies to say ‘thank you’ from us.

I’ve made a small donation to The Lonely Miaow. The Lonely Miaow is a non-profit organisation operating in Auckland. They rescue stray cats and kittens in the Auckland region, sometimes fostering or rehoming them, and desexing them and leaving them in the care of a responsible person. I made it under Maggie’s name. I think she would be happy that she was able to help make other cats’ lives as happy as hers was.

donation 3

If you’d like to make a donation to The Lonely Miaow, click here to do so. It’s a great organisation with a very important purpose.

D’arcy has cheered up a bit, although occasionally he still gets pensive. He still needs lots of love and attention, and often demands it from us which is good.

A content wee chappy.
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Another very sad day

We placed Maggie in front of the TV (a spot she liked) and lifted the top of the cage off so that the other two could go and see her if they wanted to. Dad didn’t want to do that; he said the others wouldn’t care or know what was going on, but Mum and I pushed for it. By the end of the night, Dad had to eat his words.

A nice spot in the warm.

Rosie has been to see Maggie a couple of times – once when I brought her out (but Dad was too loud and imposing on her so it was only a quick sniff), and once a bit later properly when Dad was in bed and I was in my bedroom. She seems OK, but she has been giving me lots of loves, and she often just sits and peers down the hall to where Maggie was.


D’arcy has reacted completely differently. It’s D’arcy we are a little concerned about. He has had a look and a good sniff of Maggie around five times. He’s been prowling around the house and has been quite unsettled. He goes into the hall and cries for her. He’s been bullying Rose and getting aggressive. Last night, he sat on my bed staring blankly at the blanket without moving for around 10 minutes. He slept with me last night, and this morning I picked him up and put him under the covers with me for a cuddle. Usually, he’d either leave right away or only stay for a minute or two, but he cuddled with me for a good hour or so before I had to get up and get moving. I looked up about feline depression and anxiety symptoms, and we’re going to give him lots of attention (as long as he’s not being naughty) like cuddles, brushes, and play time, and we’re going to let him out when he wants to go out.

We took Maggie to Pet Cremations this morning. Mum is a bit upset about it, which is understandable. The lady there was very nice and understanding. We chose a nice little casket for her with a gold plaque to go on the top. It’s similar to the ones we had for our old cats, and we went to the same place when we got the others done. We’ll be able to pick her up on Friday. No more cancer and no more cold.

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A very sad day…

Maggie May went to VSG this morning for her chemo, but unfortunately didn’t survive the anaesthetic.

Apparently it all happened very early on in the procedure, and very quickly; the vets didn’t even get a chance to take her blood to test or give her a proper physical examination. It was just too much for the poor little baby.

When we picked her up from VSG, she looked so peaceful and comfy. Because she died under the anaesthetic, she wouldn’t have been in any pain. Prior to going under, the vet said that she had been quite smoochie and cuddly with all the staff there, so they had given her a bit of a cuddle. I think Maggie knew.

The vet said that she’d had a look inside Maggie’s mouth, and the tumors had grown and locked her jaw semi-shut, which is why we were having so much trouble feeding her. She said that if Maggie had survived, we would have had major issues with that very soon.

On the way home with her, I kept looking in her cage, expecting her to move or snuffle, but deep down I knew that wasn’t going to happen. We’ve brought her home and left her in a place away from the other two cats until we get home from work where we will give them a chance to see her. She will be cremated tomorrow.

I’ve told Oliver, all of my close friends, and one of my aunts (the other one couldn’t care less, I’m sure), but with Priya being in South Africa she won’t have checked her phone yet. I feel really terrible that that may be the first thing she wakes up to on her phone. She loved Maggie dearly, although she was allergic.

Maggie with Priya.

She was so good last night. She woke me up a few times, but she got really cuddly. She cuddled in nice and close. She spent most of the night cuddled up on my right upper arm, while my left arm cradled her. These are the last photos I have of her alive this morning. She was so comfy in bed. It was such a shame we had to disrupt her. Over the last few days she’s been yelly, discovered her love for the toilet and shower, given Dad and I loves, been quite good with her food (we changed the type of syringe we were using), has been outside on her own, demanded to go out on the deck with D’arcy, and has gotten really cuddly with me at night time. She’d had a really good night and a great last few days.

I thought I’d leave with some of my favourite photos of her. She was, and still is, our littlest bubbie girl.

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