Another very sad day

We placed Maggie in front of the TV (a spot she liked) and lifted the top of the cage off so that the other two could go and see her if they wanted to. Dad didn’t want to do that; he said the others wouldn’t care or know what was going on, but Mum and I pushed for it. By the end of the night, Dad had to eat his words.

A nice spot in the warm.

Rosie has been to see Maggie a couple of times – once when I brought her out (but Dad was too loud and imposing on her so it was only a quick sniff), and once a bit later properly when Dad was in bed and I was in my bedroom. She seems OK, but she has been giving me lots of loves, and she often just sits and peers down the hall to where Maggie was.


D’arcy has reacted completely differently. It’s D’arcy we are a little concerned about. He has had a look and a good sniff of Maggie around five times. He’s been prowling around the house and has been quite unsettled. He goes into the hall and cries for her. He’s been bullying Rose and getting aggressive. Last night, he sat on my bed staring blankly at the blanket without moving for around 10 minutes. He slept with me last night, and this morning I picked him up and put him under the covers with me for a cuddle. Usually, he’d either leave right away or only stay for a minute or two, but he cuddled with me for a good hour or so before I had to get up and get moving. I looked up about feline depression and anxiety symptoms, and we’re going to give him lots of attention (as long as he’s not being naughty) like cuddles, brushes, and play time, and we’re going to let him out when he wants to go out.

We took Maggie to Pet Cremations this morning. Mum is a bit upset about it, which is understandable. The lady there was very nice and understanding. We chose a nice little casket for her with a gold plaque to go on the top. It’s similar to the ones we had for our old cats, and we went to the same place when we got the others done. We’ll be able to pick her up on Friday. No more cancer and no more cold.


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