More chemo

Maggie went to the vet last week, and she’d gained 110g since the time she was there before that. She had another dose of chemo at VSG on Thursday. Poor thing. It’s a six hour day out for her when she has it.

“I don’t wanna…”

After our chat with the vet specialist, Maggie was taken to have her bloods done to make sure she was still a good candidate for chemo. After about 20 minutes, a nurse came out and asked if we would mind if they sedated her because she was being a bit ‘ferocious’ (actual words LOL). Poor little bubbie. Luckily, she’d have to be sedated for her chemo so we decided it was OK.

Around half an hour after that, the vet specialist came out and told us her blood results were pretty good, and that her kidney function hadn’t deteriorated since the previous time she had her chemo. Maggie was given her chemo at that point.

We had left it a bit later than the three weeks we were meant to give her her chemo because the first time took a lot out of her. She was extremely subdued and quiet and we weren’t sure if it was a good idea to do it again. We brought that up in our consultation, and she’s been given a slightly smaller dosage this time in the hopes it won’t knock her so hard.

Once she got home, she was still under the effects of the anaesthetic, and was a bit wobbly on her feet. She was also a bit tired. I brought my blanket off my bed down and put it on the floor for her so she could cuddle up on it if she wanted to. We had to separate her from the other two for two days, so she couldn’t go up to my room like she usually does during that time.

We left for work for a couple of hours (at that point, it was around 3:30pm). When we came home, she was still a little bit wobbly on her feet, but boy, was she vocal! She was prowling around and meowing, almost monotonously. She would go out into the hallway and yowl when she couldn’t see us anymore. She’d follow us around too. She followed Dad up to the toilet and yelled at him the whole way.

Eventually, she tired herself out and started falling asleep on her feet. She had a quick nap on my blanket, then bullied Dad off his seat. She looked quite peaceful, although her breathing was a bit laboured and noisy.

She’s still pretty knackered. She’s integrated with the other two again and is able to sleep up with me at night. She tends to toggle between wanting under the covers and wanting to be up at the head of the bed. She’s generally very quiet at night when she gets settled.

We’re still syringe-feeding her. She’s still refusing to eat. We’ve been given an anti-nausea pill that we give to her once or twice a day, and she’s still taking her anti-inflammatory. A few days before her chemo, she had a long acting antibiotic administered to her to thin the discharge from her nose in the hopes that it would make breathing a little easier.

In talking to the vet specialist, she said that Maggie looked pretty happy and comfortable (albeit stressed because she was at the vet). She didn’t think Mags was in any pain, although she thought that she might have been frustrated with her nose being blocked, which is fair. I have a cold at the moment, and I can tell you I get super pissed off when my nose is blocked. Maggie still has a lot of strength in her, and although the nurse called her ‘ferocious’, we take that as being quite a positive thing.

I’ve had all three cats on my bed this morning. I don’t know where I’m expected to sleep…


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