Mostly good

We’ve had a mostly good week with Maggie this week. There was a day where she seemed a bit down, but Dad gave her her anti-nausea pill that evening and she seemed to perk up a bit.

She’s been getting super comfy lately, which is good.

She also made a trip outside. She had a bath, then went around the front. She hasn’t done that since she took a downward turn, and she’s also started cleaning her sides and stomach, which she hasn’t done in a while. She used to just clean her front paws. She wanted to go under the car though, so I had to bring her back around the back of the house since Dad panics when she does that.

She’s still eating pretty well. We have been giving her a mixture of soaked dry food, steak and kidney Jimbo’s (raw meat), tinned food, and the high calorie AD food from the vet. She usually just polishes off the Jimbo’s on each plate… little shit.

We haven’t had to take her to the vet in a while, but Dad’s thinking we should take her soon mainly just to get her weighed.


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