Our hot water cylinder has been leaking for the last few weeks. Last night, the new one was delivered (it’s an old-school type of model so we had to find one and have it shipped from Christchurch). Anyway… the plumbers have been here installing it today. It took around 4 hours. They left a whole heap of stuff on the back deck while they were working and they had to clear out the linen cupboard because the cylinder is in the roof cavity and the entry to the roof is through the ceiling of the linen cupboard. Maggie has been absolutely fascinated with all of the goings on. She actually went outside for the first time in around a month. The plumbers had made a nice tent that she assumed was hers. When she came back inside, she had a look around in the now-empty linen cupboard. It seems today is another moderately good day. She’s also had a few bites to eat of Rosie, D’arcy and her own food (on her own), and took her anti-inflammatories this morning without issue. We also had plenty of cuddles under the covers since I was home from work.


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