When I got home from work, I could hear Dad talking to one of the cats before I even got in the house. It was so high pitched and loud. Once I got in the house and came up the stairs, I realised why he was so excited; he was giving Maggie a cuddle and she was purring and breathing well. Apparently, he couldn’t see her when he got in but when she heard his voice, she came running out to greet him. When I got in her eyesight, she started yelling at me, which is something she hasn’t done in a long time.

cofDad put her on the floor after a while and her body language told me she wanted to go somewhere. She was hunching over like she was getting ready to move off, and kept looking in the direction of the kitchen (immediately to her left). I mentioned that she looked hungry and Mum got her some food, thinking she’d do what she usually does and be interested, sniff, then decide, “that’s not food…” and leave. But……

Maggie ate food on her own for the first time in a week!

We decided not to syringe feed her this evening because she’d eaten more than we’d have fed her through syringes.

She also came to me when I called her, which is something she hasn’t done in a while too. She’d usually just sit there and look at me uncomfortably.

We took her to her vet appointment and she’s gained 200g. We found out we’d been overdosing her on her anti-inflammatory drug. The scale on the syringes are in kilograms, not millilitres… We were giving her enough for a 10kg cat! Luckily, the vet wasn’t too concerned, and had a bit of a chuckle. We’re definitely giving her the dose she’s meant to have from now on!

After that, she couldn’t get enough of me and Dad. She kept giving us headbutts and chatted away to us, and at one point nearly gave Dad a love bite on his nose 😂 she even followed him onto the couch when he had his dinner.

She’s been sleeping more comfortably and actually gets sleep. When she’s sleeping with me, she sleeps like a baby. Her ears relax completely. She struggles to sleep on her own. I think, because she’s sick, she feels insecure, as if some big animal could come and eat her. It seems that all the deterioration before may have been due to her just being too damn tired.

The sleepy ears…

The old Maggie is back! I guess I really will have to sacrifice my sleep for hers 😂 BRING ON THE RED BULL!


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