Comfy baby

I went to one of my boyfriend’s comedy gigs last night. When I got home, it was 11:45pm and my parents were asleep. I quietly went into the lounge to see how Maggie was and, as expected, she was in the teepee.

I sat and had a bit of a chat to her and she came out of the teepee, so I decided I’d take her up to my room with me so she could cuddle with me under the covers during the night.

I’m glad I did, because she got so comfortable. She eventually curled up, which is something she doesn’t do often, and relaxed. Every now and then her nose would play up and she’d turn her head over and rest her cheek on the bed, but for a majority of the night, this is how she was:


I know she likes to be completely under the covers, but I kept her face free of them and kept the windows open to try and make it easier for her to breathe. She got up at about 5:00am to pee or drink (she doesn’t really poo or eat much, so they’re the only logical conclusions). At around 5:30am she came back in my room, jumped on the bed (by herself!), and demanded to come back under the covers. She stayed there until I had to get up for work at around 8:00am.

While I was getting ready, my parents gave her a feed and then put her back on my bed. She started nuzzling to go under the covers so I let her, and she started ‘digging for China’. When she ‘digs for China’, she goes under the covers and starts scratching the sheets with one paw. This is super normal behaviour for her, and one we haven’t seen her do in a long time. She was also much more alert this morning, and seemed quite happy.

She has an appointment at the vet for a check-up tonight after work, just to weigh her and see how the vet thinks she’s going – whether he thinks she’s in pain or suffering at all or not. I personally don’t think she is, but it’s good to get an expert’s perspective. Unfortunately, she stresses a little bit going to the vet, so I’m concerned his perspective will be marred by that. Luckily I’ve got a record of what she’s like at home.

I’ll probably let her sleep under the covers with me from now on. I just have to make sure I have plenty of Red Bull at hand


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