VSG Appointment

Maggie had another appointment at VSG today. She cried literally the entire way in the cage.

We got there about half an hour early. We usually leave super early because it could take us half an hour to get over to Mt Albert, but it could also take us two hours, depending on the traffic. We went through the Mt Albert McDonald’s drive-thru to grab some breakfast before heading to VSG. This is about the fourth or fifth time we’ve done that with Maggie in the car, and she is always interested in all the different food-smells.

“What’s this??”

We had a bit of a wait in the waiting area, despite being there right on time. That was fine, as we got to meet a few of the other patients while we waited.

Maggie was 3.64kg, which was a little less than what she weighed on Tuesday. VSG’s scales seem to weigh her less, and she also hadn’t had a chance to have anything to eat before going this morning. The oncologist was happy with her weight regardless.

I brought up with the oncologist that I’d found a lump in her throat, around double the size of a pea. It just sits there and moves around under the skin when you feel it. She had a feel and could feel it too. She said that it’s possibly just a lymph node that’s still inflamed after her surgery, but that we should definitely keep an eye on it in case it isn’t. I’m happy she’s aware of it in any case.

Maggie obviously fought the vets today while being given her medication. They’ve added Metacam onto the list because we said that Maggie had been out of sorts each time she has her Palladia, now that she’s up to 3 a week. Since her blood work was excellent again, we’re going to need to manage the side effect of her going off her food a bit. She frothed at the mouth again today. This is pretty normal when she gets stressed out taking her meds.

She had a little bandage on her back leg from where they took her blood again. I took it off this evening because she always gets a bit irritated having them on. It was green with little black paw prints on it ^_^


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