First try!

Little bubbie had her vet appointment today.

All the sads 😦

She’s put on 20g since last time. Her gains have slowed down a bit because we haven’t been bringing her food constantly, but I’m going to start doing that again, even though we know she can get it herself. I’d like to get her to around 4kg at least.

“Not want 😦 “

She was such a good girl! The vet only took one attempt to get her pill into her. Poor thing. He had to be rather brutal with her, but she needs her medication. Obviously, she got foods and cuddles and brushies once she got home. We got her some more Critical Care food at the vet. She likes that.

We also got Dad some Girl Guide biscuits, in memory of one of our old cats called Cameron. Cameron was a seal point Birman (like D’arcy) and had much the same temperament as him. He was a bit odd; he liked salt and vinegar chips, and loved Girl Guide biscuits. How we discovered this, I’ll never know, because I’m pretty sure Girl Guide biscuits aren’t really considered part of a balanced feline diet. He could smell them coming up the road, and would wait at the door for the girls to deliver them. Cameron passed away when he was 15 of kidney failure when I was 8 or 9 years old. We haven’t really seen Girl Guide biscuits around much lately, so it was kind of apt that we found them at the vet. I’ll see if I can find a photo of Cameron to scan.

Maggie’s next appointment is on Thursday, with VSG. We’re going to query her dosage and see how things are going with the Palladia, because she does seem to be a little more out of sorts since the dosage was increased to three a week.


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