All that food is paying off

Maggie had her pill at the vet today. She weighed in at 3.73kg! I’ve been tracking various things, so here’s a breakdown of her current situation:

  • Her current weight is 3.73kg
  • She’s 230g over the goal VSG set for her
  • She’s 570g away from her pre-cancer weight – she lost 1.06kg when she was at her worst, which is around 25% of her body weight. If I were to lose that much, I’d be losing around 22.25kg over a couple of weeks.
  • She’s had a 120g increase since her last vet appointment
  • It will be 26 days until she’s back to her pre-cancer weight if this rate stays constant
  • She’s made a total weight gain of 420g since February 22nd, which is a 15% weight increase. If I was to gain the same amount, I’d be gaining 13.4kg! She’s not currently on any appetite stimulants.

Little madam is doing very well!


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