A sickie wee girl…

Maggie  was on my bed and got up to get down. She took a few steps and then let out an almighty howl. That kind of meow is usually reserved for, “I’m really not feeling well…” She was smacking her lips, which is what our cats usually do before they’re about to throw up, so I picked her up and brought her out into the hallway. Sure enough, sick on the carpet…

I was a bit worried because Mum and Dad were out at a car show; if anything was really wrong I’d have to organise to take Maggie to VSG on my own. Fortunately, it seemed to just be fur.

It’s actually been the first time she’s thrown up since she’s been home. Our cats are usually sick often because they’ve got long fur and it’s not always possible for us to be as helpful as we’d like to be with them molting. For Maggie to have not thrown up for so long is abnormal. One time in the past, Maggie was super under the weather and whenever we put pressure on her abdomen she’d hiss, growl, or meow in pain. We took her to the vet and she ended up having to have surgery to remove a huge hairball that had obstructed her intestinal tract. Needless to say, we were both worried and relieved she was sick today.

Once Mum and Dad got home, Maggie decided she was going to go outside and eat some grass, which is also a good sign. She tried some from various places, and ended up in a patch that didn’t make her do her Stevie Wonder impression. Too bad Dad had just mowed the lawns yesterday.

She then started pacing around the back lawn, and I knew she was looking for a comfy place to do her business. Sure enough, once she found that place, she squatted and did the biggest business anyone’s ever seen. This was also a huge relief because we never see her do this, and that was worrying with the amount of food she’s been eating. Afterwards, she ran as fast as she could around the front of the house with her tail high in the air. She’s always gotten super excited after going to the toilet in the past; it’s hilarious.

Although she was a bit sick, we all view everything as being positive. They’re tiny steps back to normality for her.


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