Positive specialist visit!

Maggie had an appointment with the specialists to check how she’s going with the Palladia, and how her weight is going.

The vet was so happy she’d been eating well, and she said that her weight was good. She was 3.49kg, which is just 10g short of the specialist’s goal of 3.5kg. According to VSG’s scales, she had lost 60g since yesterday morning, but that could be due to her not having eaten much this morning compared to today or just normal variance in the ways the scales are calibrated between VSG and Bucklands Beach Vets.

We asked some questions about her bobbing up and down like Stevie Wonder, and if the corner of her mouth looked OK. She said that it’s possible that when Maggie leans forward to eat, the skin contorts and feels tight for her. She said this isn’t a problem, and will hopefully ease off with time. Maggie does actually do it less already. The vet said her mouth is just a little bit irritated in the corner, similar to how yours would be if the corners of your lips were chapped. She said this should also ease up soon.

Maggie had to have bloods done to see how the Palladia is going. Unsurprisingly, she put up a bit of a fight, so the site would likely be a wee bit bruised from the needle. Unfortunately, this meant she had to have another bandage on her back leg for a few hours (a purple one!). I took it off her as soon as I got home from work. The smallest dosage of the pills is only slightly too much for her (which is why we have to give it to her twice a week instead of the normal three times), but if things are going well, we can increase her dosage to three times a week. We’ll continue to get our usual vet to administer them. The vet said this is a good idea so we don’t essentially sabotage the relationship we have with Maggie.

Once the vet came back into the room with Maggie, she shut the door behind her and allowed her to explore the consultation room on the floor.


On the way home, Mum stopped in down the road from our place at the supermarket to get some kitty litter and other things. She didn’t think she took that long, but poor Maggie got really stressed just sitting in the car. She started to pant and exhale sharply. I haven’t really seen her do that, so it was lucky that we were literally about 400 meters away from home.

Overall, a good visit. Her next visit to our normal vet is Saturday, and her next visit to VSG is in two weeks. After that, she’ll only have to go once every 2 months, then eventually once every 6 months.


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