Allowed to sleep in with me

I was out with Oliver the other night and I got home at midnight. Mum and Dad were both asleep, but Maggie was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. She had a good yell at me, as if to say, “what time do you call this?! Where have you been, young lady?!” Since she was so committed to waiting for me, I decided it would be OK for her to sleep in with me. I made her a little sleeping bag out of my Pusheen onesie and, after some more yelling, I got her settled in there and she slept like a baby for the entire night. She was still there in the morning, though she’d stretched her little arms out of the opening.

She slept in with me again for most of the night last night, and then decided to spend a couple of hours in her little bed next to my bedroom door until it was ‘alarm cat’ time at 7:30am. She settled back on the onesie and had a pretty big feed (for her). She managed to finish a whole plate of food! I think I’m going to have to allow her to sleep with me from now on.


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