Struggling to eat again…

Maggie’s struggling to eat again. Her appetite seems to be healthy, and she’s interested in her food, but when she goes to eat it she starts looking like Stevie Wonder playing the piano.

We’re not sure if she gets vertigo, if something is making things smell disgusting for her, or if she’s trying to focus with the eye she doesn’t have, but it impedes her motivation to eat; she’ll have a few goes, but then decides that it’s too much effort and can’t be bothered with whatever it is that’s unpleasant for her. It’s worse when she’s sitting up than when she’s sitting down, though it still happens a wee bit when she’s sitting down. We’re not 100% sure of what to do, but I suggested to Mum we get her looked at pretty soon. Because she has kidney failure, 48 hours without food can be significantly detrimental, and she’ll go downhill rapidly.

She’s quite tame in that video – she’s often much, much worse – but that demonstrates a bit of what eating is like for her now.


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