No more feeding tube!

We had another update from the vet today: Maggie‘s been bright and cuddly and wants pats from all the vet staff. She’s started to feed on her own! 😀 😀 😀 😀 She licks all of the gravy and tries to eat the meat but then gags. At least she’s trying. The fact that she’s interested in and is trying food herself is a huge positive step.

Maggie was curled up in a ball in her cage when we first got there today, which is the first time we’ve seen her do that since she’s been there. The surgeon had taken her feeding tube out. She still has a bandage around her neck, but it might be off by tomorrow. There’s just a small hole where it was and they’re going to leave it to heal on its own. She’s not too fazed by it; she’s more bothered by the bandage around her front leg.


She was super affectionate with both me and Mum this time. She scratched the hell out of my arms, and had a nibble on my wrist a couple of times. She was also quite talkative, especially when she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention. She even used the dirtbox and had a bite to eat while we were there.

All going well, she can come home tomorrow, but she’ll still be on a series of meds, and we have to keep her confined so she doesn’t try to do anything stupid like run around or jump up onto things. We’re looking into either hiring or buying a crate for her. I saw a series of soft crates of varying sizes on the Animates website, so Mum will take a look at them properly online, then might call and ask if any branches near us have them in stock. Maggie tends to rub her face (including her stitches) all over the bars of the cage she’s currently in, which is probably not the best for her healing.

We were told though, that if she goes on a ‘hunger strike’ for 48 hours, we need to get in touch with the vet as soon as possible, because she has kidney failure and she will go downhill rapidly.

It was a bit sad today. The cat in the cage next to Maggie had to be put down, and they took him away to do that while we were there 😞 When the cage came back soon after, it was empty. He seemed to have been hit by a car. He looked fine on the outside, but apparently he had pelvic trauma. There was also a large Alsatian coming out of anaesthesia, and it was crying. It sounded so sad… poor thing.


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