Still affectionate

Maggie is still very affectionate. She’s been loving having brushies and head scratchies, and responds well to me she responds OK to Mum too, but I think it’s still a wee bit of a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

She’s having trouble with her feeding tube and is suffering from nausea and excessive salivation; they have done an X-ray and can’t see anything abnormal, so it’s possible her esophagus is a bit inflamed. She’s been given some Losec and Metaclopramide to see if that will help. She’s been moved back into the area she was originally in.

If the salivation doesn’t ease up overnight, then they’re going to remove her feeding tube and see if she’ll eat on her own. The surgeon doesn’t have high hopes for this, and if he’s right then he’s going to insert a feeding tube directly into her stomach. This is less irritating and hopefully she’ll tolerate it better. Even if she does start eating on her own after the new feeding tube is inserted, she’ll have to have it for at least 10 days.


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