Maggie has been moved to a much larger cage in a quiet room just for cats (no doggies allowed ).

The vets have given her a dirtbox, and told us she has actually been using it every time she has to go to the toilet, which is great. There’s quite a lip on the box that would take a bit of energy to get over, so it shows she’s getting a bit more energy back. She was more active in the cage today, resting facing one way, and then deciding she’d rather be facing the other way. She’s still off her food and still has her feeding tube, but she’s had the IV fluid line removed. That also included the bandage which has left her a wee bit more comfortable. She’s still pretty miserable, and every now and then lets out a bit of a howl, but she’s on painkillers, antibiotics, and antiemetics, so she shouldn’t be in pain or nauseated. She’s still not able to have her own blankie or her lizard yet, but I’m hoping that she’ll be allowed it soon. I think it’s probably to keep things as clean as possible. I’d been gently stroking her forehead, so by the time we left she was quite comfortable and was settling in for a nap.



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