A little more ‘with it’

Just got back from visiting Maggie May. She’s a little more ‘with it’ today. She meowed a few times, which was great to hear. She still has her feeding tube and fluid line. The fluid line in particular is irritating her, and she keeps trying to shake the bandage off her leg. I see that as being a good sign, since she was doing that with the bandage on her leg she had the week before her surgery. She’s a bit wary of Mum and Dad… She tends to shuffle away and look out the window when they pat her or talk to her, I guess because they were always the ones administering her medication and I was the one administering cuddles she shuffles right around to me when I talk to her, and seemed to enjoy me scratching the good side of her face; she’s always loved face scratchies. Overall, she’s still got a long way to go, but had made slight improvements on yesterday

Oh, and she has a kennel mate named Ping Pong


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