Seeing the feline oncologist

They’ve also just picked up a heart murmur. The cancer she has is incredibly aggressive, and probably lay dormant until a trauma to the face (having her tooth extracted) triggered it to puff up. There’s a slight chance she may have to lose her right eye, and it seems as though, over the last two days, she’s lost either her sense of smell, taste, or both, so she isn’t really eating

She’s staying there today to have a CT scan done on her face to precisely locate the tumour, and an ultrasound on her heart to check for heart disease. Afterwards, they will operate on her face to remove as much of the tumour as possible, and will send it to the lab to test how clean the margins are. If they’re clean, she could have another two or so years left. If not, it will return within months or weeks. If that happens, we can get her on oral chemotherapy drugs that she will need to have three times weekly for the rest of her life. They won’t cure her, but they will keep the cancer manageable for a while.


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